sun seeker predator 108-1:25

    • Neu

      Hello everyone, here are the latest news from the predator yard 108. I have changed the stern mold. It was not really easy to remove the "hood" in plaster, but with a bit of strength and determination I succeeded.

      I carried out some tests of "molding" of the stern divar with different materials: spray putty, epoxy resin and two-component polyurethane in the form of a foam. I obtained the best result with the hand of epoxy resin brushed in the mold and then the filling with the polyurethane foam.

      I made the "hood" (or counter-mold) in plaster for the bow deckhouse. The plastered bandages are excellent for obtaining a solid and well finished counter-mold.

      Finally I gave a hand of moldable silicone rubber to the molding of the primary deckhouse, to eliminate any holes and depressions that could limit the extraction of the hood.

      Ciao ciao.