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About the Business
Since our startup in 1990 Prop Shop has built an unrivalled range and reputation for model boat propellers and related products.

All our props are lost-wax precision castings and uniquely are balanced and polished as standard. We use top grade silicon bronze, nibral or stainless steel as appropriate. Our clients include professional scale modellers (for static display), discerning r/c boaters and speeed record holders. Some 500 patterns (inc. non catalogue types) are available and this number is increasing all the time. Prop Shop will always consider new requests or ways to adapt existing products.

We maintain a stock of popular sizes as raw castings, which are machined and finished as orders arrive. This helps us to adapt to the many different thread (US and European) and bore sizes that customers need. A large stock of the most popular metric-thread props is also kept fully finished. Our very popular gas props (found within the Cleaver, Fast Scale and General Purpose ranges) and hydroplane 'cleaver style' types are stocked ready machined with 1/4" and 3/16" dog drive fittings. Nickel-aluminium bronze (nibral) is standard for these high speed props, but stainless is increasingly popular. The longer process time for stainless generally means longer delivery and a price of about 20% more than our bronze props. For the FSR/Multi-race enthusiast, a large range of two-blade props are made in aluminium.
Prop Shop has a policy of always improving the range, processes and designs where possible, so we appreciate customer feedback as well as the loyalty of customers worldwide.
We are also very happy to advise that we will endeavour to make bespoke pieces at customers' request. Sometimes a meeting is helpful in the first instance to ensure we can fully accomodate your needs.

Please contact us with your requirements.
Prop Shop, c/o Protean Design
Simon Higgins
simonhiggins181 [at]
+44 (0)1789 565228
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